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The options are endless when it comes to caring for our canines,
so here is the place to start with our special Spring Wellness Guide!

Here's what we're barking about wellness...
Ewegurt, the first sheep milk yogurt treat with beets, kale and more.
Epic Pet Health, maker of electrolyte supplements for pets.
Fresh Dog keeps best friends smelling as fresh as they feel.
Fight itchy spring allergies naturally with Doggy GOO!
Canna-Pet® produces cannabinoid (CBD) products for pets.
Keep your canine companion smiling with ProDent PLUS™.
A Parasol Pets Bed has WOW factor, style and den animal appeal.
Woofmints™ gel cap formula freshens canine breath from within.
Berry Berry Biscuits provide pups antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.
The Blissful Dog takes the edge off your dog’s stress…naturally.

Ewegurt, the first sheep milk yogurt treat with sardines, kale, beets, parsley, apple cider vinegar and coconut oil, found in the U.S., is unique and comes with a loyal following. It’s a treat, a food topper, but also a problem solver. How? This nutrient powerhouse reduces anxiety and promotes relaxation naturally. Please use coupon code: FIRSTTIME20 at ewegurt.com.

Epic Pet Health
Epic Pet Health, maker of electrolyte supplements for pets, was a 2015 finalist in the Martha Stewart contest for the “Best Made Product in America”. There are 27 different products for calming, teeth cleaning, digestion, skin repair, immune boosting, and other remedies. Use “SHIPSFREE” for free shipping on EpicPetHealth.com.

Fresh Dog®
Fresh Dog® is a line of innovative products designed to keep best friends smelling as fresh as they feel. The signature product is a 100% natural deodorizing powder. Featuring a refreshing scent, it instantly freshens your dog – the ultimate fast fix for dirty fur! Is your dog a FRESH dog?® Available on FreshDog.com and Amazon.

Doggy GOO
80+% Itchy, Paw Chewing, Gunky Ear, Hot Spot DOGs = Enviro Allergy. DVM Dermatologist / 100% Natural; Doggy GOO Targets Source, Building heightened Immune Tolerance to 15 Major Itchy Enviro Sources. All via a GOO-Licious Peanut Butter Treat. Usage based on Weight, $73.45 / 16 oz. DoggyGOO.com

Canna-Pet® is the first and only company to produce cannabinoid (CBD) products formulated for pets. Our organic, vegan products are made in the USA from industrial hemp. Veterinarian recommended, covered by major pet insurers, and guaranteed safe for your dog. Learn about cannabinoid nutrition adapted for pets canna-pet.com.

Natural Dental Chews for Dogs
Keep your canine companion smiling with healthy teeth and gums — and fresh breath! Formulated by award-winning vet Dr. Katy Nelson, ProDent PLUS™ fights plaque and tartar build-up and freshens breath with a blend of peppermint, parsley and anise. Made from human-grade ingredients. From $14.95, exclusively at CharliesChoice.com.

Parasol Pets
A Parasol Pets Bed has WOW factor style and den animal appeal. The 26” umbrella makes your pet feel secure. The soft suede cloth cushion is pleasing and comfortable. Super clean…Just lint-roll the cushion to remove hair and machine wash on gentle. Buy now to save $30 at parasolpets.com.

All natural, vegan, gluten free and vet recommended, Woofmints™ gel cap formula freshens canine breath from within the stomach. Fed with meals or in their favorite snack daily with consecutive use, pet parents will enjoy their pups’ increasingly kissable breath day by day. Proudly made in the USA. Available exclusively at woofmints.com.

Finest Fetch Berry Berry Biscuits
Berry Berry Biscuits smell and taste great all the while providing your pup with loads of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Organic coconut oil, blueberries, cranberries and raspberries provide benefits to skin, digestion and urinary systems. These same ingredients help fight fungal and bacterial infections as well as viruses. Find these and more at finestfetch.com or Amazon.com.

The Blissful Dog
RELAX takes the edge off your dog’s stress…naturally. Just as we have fear triggers (spiders, snakes, heights or $#%^ clowns), our dogs can be triggered, too.

Thunderstorms, fireworks or being left alone can cause canine stress. Our gentle custom blend of calming oils relax your dog without the need for drugs. Handcrafted by The Blissful Dog® Inc. in the USA.

TheBlissfulDog.com | 855.DOG.BLISS 

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