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The options are endless when it comes to caring for our canines,
so here is the place to start with our special Spring Wellness Guide!

Poo Vault
The Poo Vault is a hard-sided carrier for smelly dog poop bags, making every walk more happy and less crappy. Everyone who walks a dog, needs bags now or eventually. Please visit poovault.com for a free roll of dog poop bags.

The Blissful Dog®
RELAX Dog Aromatherapy takes the edge off your dog’s stress…naturally. Just as we have fear triggers (spiders, snakes or public speaking), our dogs can be triggered, too. Thunderstorms, fireworks or being alone can cause canine stress. RELAX blend of essential oils gently calms your dog without the need for drugs. Handcrafted by The Blissful Dog® Inc. in USA. theblissfuldog.com | 855.DOG.BLISS

Bark Avenue
CBD Dog Treats by Bark Avenue makes artisanal, all-natural tasty dog treats with cannabinoids (CBD) from hemp oil, aiding in chronic illnesses associated with aging and general pet wellness. Formulated by a Culinary Institute of America pastry chef graduate. Made in the USA. Learn more about the benefits of CBD and pet wellness at www.barkavenue.co.

Turn Your Love for Dogs into an Income
with pawTree! Work from home. Part-time/Full time. Complete Flexibility. Immediate and Residual Income.

pawTree provides premium quality nutrition to pets through a network of independent petPros.

BE THE DIFFERENCE in the life of a pet. Click here to find out how: pawtree.com/citydog

Spring issue coming soon...!

Meet Drummer, our Cover Dog Model Search winner

Questions and answers to quirky dog behaviors

Start a lifetime of healthy nutrition for your dog

One Health: Medical care for the homeless and their pets

Spring events: Make a Date with Your Dog

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